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Top 5 Best Tips to buy Gold on Dhanteras 2017: Gold Rate on 2017 Dhanteras: 17 October, Tuesday

Dhanteras is believed to be one of the most auspicious days in Indian culture for buying gold. This day goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to shower mankind with prosperity and wealth. On this day the previous yellow metal gold is purchased as a symbolization of good luck. Buying gold by avoiding fraudulent activities is very difficult and hence, these Dhanteras 2017 gold buying tips can help a lot. On some exploration of the market, it is predicted that the gold prices on 2017 Dhanteras will vary at approximately Rs. 27,500 for a 10 grams quantity.

Top 5 best tips to buy gold on Dhanteras 2017

Gold Purity

Amongst all the top 5 best tips to buy gold on Dhanteras 2017, the most important one is to check and confirm the purity of gold which is measured in carats. 24 carat or K is the most pure form of gold which however, is not so strong that it can be molded into ornaments. And hence, metals like silver or copper is added to make it strong which in turn reduces purity of gold. Gold prices on 2017 Dhanteras must be checked and confirmed before making a purchase. 2017 Dhanteras gold rate will cost the wallet wrongly only if one fails to check the purity and gets cheated.

Dhanteras 2017 Gold Price

Dhanteras 2017 gold rate might vary differently for different banks. Generally, price of gold when purchased from banks will be little higher than what is in the marketplace. Hence, Dhanteras 2017 gold buying tips will highly recommend one to keep an eye on seasonal discounts and offers. 2017 Dhanteras gold rate this year is not much high as there has been noticed a subdued demand for jewelries this year.

Gold Hallmark or Certification

In the global market this year Dhanteras 2017 gold rate have not spiked up yet due to a lower scaled demand. One must purchase gold from hallmarked or certified jewelers. To check hallmarked latest Dhanteras 2017 images of designs one can explore online or visit stores.

Avoid Paying More on 2017 Dhanteras

On exploring Dhanteras 2017 images of gold designs one might get attracted to buy. However, do not fall in the trap to pay more than the actual. One must keep an open eye to the Dhanteras 2017 gold prices on 9 November and pay for the gold itself and not the design. A happy Dhanteras gold rate 2017 is what everyone will be looking after this year.

The SIP Technique

For achieving a happy Dhanteras gold rate 2017 one can adopt the SIP methodology. Value of Dhanteras 2017 gold prices on 17 October is predicted to increase. Hence, it is recommended to purchase small amounts of gold on a monthly basis. By investing into gold bars and coins rather than designer ornaments one can have a good value for money in their pocket. For liquidity purposes and acceptance small gold coins are the best recommended choice in this Dhanteras.

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