Karva Chauth Date, Moon Timings, Vrat Katha, Pooja Vidhi, Sex at Night

Karva Chauth Date, Moon Timings, Vrat Katha in Hindi, Pooja Vidhi, Sex at Night, Fast before Marriage, Fast during Pregnancy, Songs, Thali Decoration, Tips for Pregnant Ladies

Significance of 5 Days of Diwali 2017: Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdashi, Diwali, Govardhan, Bhai Dooj Puja Vidhi, Gifts, Celebration Ideas

Dhanteras 2017 Puja Vidhi & Rituals

Dhanteras marks the first day of Diwali and is an auspicious day to shop gold, silver, utensils or any other new things. This festival brings a lot of wealth, happiness, wisdom, good destiny and prosperity for everyone. Dhanteras 2017 falls on the 17th of October. Some people observe a fast on this day while other performs a puja in the evening.

Diyas made of clay are also lit up to drive away the evil spirits and all the bad energy from the house. There are several other customs and traditions that are followed on this festival. There is also a Dhanteras Puja Vidhi in Hindi which devotees recite during the puja in the evening after sighting the stars.

Dhanteras Gifts for Wife & Celebrations

The Puja Vidhi on Dhanteras is chanted 108 times and devotees then offer flowers and worship to dhanvantri. Husbands can also think of Dhanteras gift for wife such as gold and silver ornaments/articles, utensils, etc. as it is believed that any new “Dhan” in the form of precious metal is considered as a sign of good luck. It is also important to keep an eye on the best tips to buy gold on Dhanteras 2017 for safe dealing.

People also wear new clothes and jewelry when they light the first lamp of Diwali. The goddess of wealth – “Lakshmi” is worshiped to bring prosperity and well-being and devotional hymns and aartis are sung to please the goddess. The preparation of Diwali starts from this auspicious day as dhanteras is also considered as an occasion to worship an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is the lord of dhanvantri – the spirit of knowledge and deity of health.

Narak Chaturdashi 2017 Date, Story and Rituals

Marked as the starting of the Diwali festival, Dhanteras is followed by Narak Chaturdashi. Narak Chaturdashi 2017 falls on the 18th of October. The Hindu literature narrates that the demon-asura Narakasura was killed on this specific day. This festival is sometimes also called as “Kali Chaudas” and is a day to abolish evil and laziness and shine some light in our life.

The Narak Chaturdashi rituals that are followed on this day start with people waking up early in the morning; they apply ubtan that is made up of herbs, flowers, til oil on their body and then take the holy bath. People wear new clothes on this day and make beautiful rangolis in every house. Later the puja is performed and Lord Krishna is worshiped and then has delicious sweets and fruits.

Narak Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi in Hindi

The Narak Chaturdashi festival teaches us to focus more on the betterment of the society and have more importance of it than our own needs. Devotees perform the puja with full devotion to drive away all the evil and negative energy and bring light into their lives.

Narak Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi is done on this day to mark the 2nd day of the Diwali festival. This is done by placing a chowki on the puja place with a red cloth spread on it. Next place Lord Ganesh Lakshmi photo on it along with a small plate with few silver coins, earthen lamp with mustard or sesame oil. After that light the lamps and recite the ‘Lakshmi Mantra Shreem Swaha‘ 108 times.

Diwali 2017 Celebrations Ideas

The festival of Narak Chaturdashi is followed by Diwali which is the festival of lights celebrated by millions of people around the world. Diwali 2017 falls on the 19th of October and this festival marks new beginnings and triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Traditional earthen lamps, candles, colorful rangoli artworks are also made and used on this day.

Diwali Puja Vidhi 2017 & Rituals

All these pujas must be done with full rituals by following the Diwali Puja Vidhi 2017 as this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm to commemorate the returning of Lord Rama back to his kingdom after defeating Ravana. The festival of Diwali also indicates the start of a new Hindu year in some parts of the country. Devotees must follow certain vidhi which they can get anywhere such as Diwali puja vidhi in Hindi to follow the traditions of this festival.

People light diyas/lamps to decorate their house and fire fireworks to celebrate the festival. According to Hindu religious belief, Goddess Lakshmi who also is the goddess of wealth, visits every house on Diwali. This 5-day long festival starts on the day of Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj which is held on the fifteenth day of the kartik month.

Sending Diwali Gifts to USA to your Friends

People share sweets and gifts to their near and dear ones not only in India but people also send Diwali gifts to USA to their friends and relatives. Full day fasts are observed on the Diwali Puja Day which can be without water or with fruits and milk only.

Bhai Dooj Gifts 2017, Celebration Ideas

Bhai Dooj is a festival that is celebrated during Diwali. This festival renews and reunites the relationship and love between sisters and brothers and this brings a lot of affection, warmth and happiness to each other. On this auspicious day, sisters pray to god for the well-being as well as welfare of their brothers while the brothers gift their sisters to show their love and care.

Brother who stay away from their sisters often get wished happy Bhai Dooj by their sisters if they are unable to meet in person. These days sisters also send gifts to their brother who live far from them not only in India but they can also send Bhai Dooj gift to USA.

Bhai Dooj Puja Vidhi in Hindi and Rituals

Sisters put a tilak or vermillion mark on their brother’s forehead and then perform an ‘Aarti’ by showing the holy flame in front of him and pray for his well-being. There is also a Bhai Dooj Puja Vidhi that is followed. This is celebrated in most parts of India and is known by different names. It is a day of sharing food, giving and receiving gifts and reaching out to the inner most depths of the hearts.

The significance of this festival is the brothers will have to protect their sisters and the sisters must bless their brothers. It is said that Bhai Dooj is not actually a part of the Diwali festival but altogether, it is a different Holy festival.

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